Teachers are most easily reached from 2:20 - 3:30 PM daily.  You can also call the main office and leave a message at any time: 503-785-8100.  Teachers' contact information can be found below.

2015-2016 School Staff

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Kelli Rhea l



April Davis l

Natasha Green l

Dawn Spahn l


Grade 1

Katelyn Schenkel l

Marie Hipply l 

Birdy Pulliam l


Grade 2

Chelsea Heller l

Vanessa Mohler l

Kilee Woodburn l

Sue Ziegler l


Grade 3

Erika Branch l

Annie Miles l

Linda Stoll l


Grade 4

Siri Anderson l

Heatherann Brown l

Nancy Noice l

Grade 5

MaryAnn Decker l

Mary Easterly l


Alternative Instructional Strategies Program (AISP)

Grades K-2

Erin Carmichael l

Grades 1-3:

James Wolfe l

Grades 3-5

Monica Root l

Rene Barnhardt l


AISP Assistants

Kami Beck I

Janelle Lichtenberger l

Steve Merrill I

Matt Miller I


AISP Behavior Specialist

Mike Haliski I




Emily Sallee l



Katie Tierney l



Mark Wells l


Extended Resource Center (ERC)

Morgan Bulson l


English Language Learners (ELL)

Kristin Ventura l


Media Assistant

Carrie Ann Igrisan l


Parent Resource Room Coordinator

Shawn Ziettlow l


Instructional Assistants

Tina Boyd l

Pam DeWilde l

Jerianne Dennis l

Bonnie Espe l

Kathy Flintjer l

Jeanne Grossnickle l

Millana Koroteev l 

Barbara Oyen l 

Shawn Ziettlow l

Steve Meyer l

Kim Winters l


More@4 (Pre-kindergarten program)

Jessica Hines I



Jenny Bradshaw l

Carol Harlow l



Andres Picon l 

Joseph Batdorf



Tamma Harris l